About Our Farm

From 1974, when the Lehne Garden was merely a 1/2 acre family garden, to 2024, we now grow crops on over 85 acres of rich Garden Valley soil.Many changes have occurred over the past 50 years! We switched from walnuts to hazelnuts about 35 years ago. Norm has experienced with many varieties of corn, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, etc. Everything had to pass Norm’s taste tests. Over the years, equipment has been upgraded, repaired, and maintained, mainly by Norm and his brother,Ray. These men are from the old school that if something breaks, you either fix it or devise a repair that improves it. Sometimes, though, you have to replace it with newer, more efficient equipment. Over the years, we have made many friendships with our dear customers. We appreciate all of you, new and old.
Thank you for the last 50 years! Norm & Cinda


In 2019, Norm and Cinda celebrated an amazing milestone…it was our 50th wedding anniversary!  Golden gifts were plentiful…we had to replace our cellphone in early January.  What better than a gold colored phone, complete with a gold sparkly case!  The Gold Rush continued throughout 2019.  Norm received gold office desk organizers, Cinda was given a pair of gold earrings. Norm bought a set of gold flatware at an Antique Mall in Dayton, Ohio, when we visited Beth and her family.  Cinda returned the favor by ordering a set of gold steak knives.  Our family provided gifts of gold items too…scissors, coffee cups, staplers, flower vases, a fascinating book, GOLD, water bottles…!  Norm practically bought out the local supply of gold spray paint…which he used to paint his hard hat, his Crocs, a cane, 3 nightstands, miscellaneous rocks, a picking bucket for himself, a gas tank from an old BMW that son-in-law Rob had left at the Farm and asked Norm to ship to him in Ohio…Norm painted so many crazy items that there was a concern that if something was left outside, Norm might spray it gold if he saw it!  It was a fun year, and was capped off with a special trip to Southern California in December with or entire family!

Then 2020 began!  As we write this in late March, we are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Along with most everyone, we are staying at home, cancelling appointments, practicing social distancing, following CDC guidelines for hand washing, etc.  Our concerns are for the safety and health of our Farm Families, customers, and community in general. Please be safe!

Thank you for allowing us to share with you.

Norm & Cinda


The history of the Lehne farm began in 1938 with the marriage of Myron Lehne and Helen Woodruff. Myron worked  for Dillard nurseryman, C. E. Moyer, and the young couple dreamed of one day starting their own nursery. They realized this dream in the early 1940’s with the purchase of the first 10 acres on Cleveland Rapids Road in Garden Valley. Later additional acreage was acquired, bringing Myron and Helen’s farm to a total of 45 acres.

In the early 1970’s Myron and Helen decided to retire, turning over the farm to their two sons, Ray and Norm.

The Norm Lehne Garden and Orchards, LLC began in 1974. Norm and Cinda sold vegetables out of their large family garden. As the demand for fresh produce increased, they expanded the garden, and added fruit and hazelnut orchards.

The farm is located just a few miles outside of Roseburg, Oregon, in beautiful Garden Valley. Customers can take a leisurely drive into the country to pick a wide variety of farm-fresh, vine-ripe produce. Upon arrival, customers will find that the Garden is carefully maintained to be as weed free as possible. The Orchard is pruned so that ladders are not needed for picking the fruit.

In addition, Norm Lehne Garden & Orchards, LLC is proud to be one of the only farms to use pure well water as the only source for irrigation.

Customers are valued and they will be treated with integrity and courtesy. Norm and Cinda also value their family farm and will carefully manage it in order to maintain its productivity, quality of products, and long-term sustainability. They see themselves as stewards of a natural resource that will one day be managed by another generation.

In 2014, the 3rd generation of the Lehne Family joined Norm and Cinda on the Farm.  Their son, Glen, and his wife, Wendy, are now familiar faces here at the Farm.  Norm and Cinda are pleased that they have joined them.  Glen and Wendy also brought the 4th generation of the Lehne family with them.  Their two daughters, Ashlynn and Kylie, are farmers in training!

In 2014, the Lehne Family celebrated two important milestones.  First, 2014 was Norm and Cinda’s 40th year of providing farm-fresh produce to Southern Oregon residents.  Secondly, the Lehnes celebrated with Glen, their son, as he retired from 20 years of service in the United States Air Force.  We look forward to other milestones as the years go by.

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