Farm News

We regret that we no longer take used plastic bags to use with our produce, instead we’ve purchased new bags. While most of the recycled bags were quite clean, many were very dirty when given to us. We believe this is a necessary step considering that we are selling fresh produce, much of which is eaten raw. It’s almost impossible to detect and/or wash off the harmful bacteria that might contaminate the produce by putting it into used bags. By only offering new bags it will help to assure our customers that we are trying to be as careful about food safety as we can. The best thing is to bring your own picking containers.

We would like to remind you about our pet/dog policy. We take food safety very seriously, and due to the fact that dogs ‘leave their calling card’
wherever they get the urge, we ask that you leave your pets/dogs at home when you come to the farm. This would be better than leaving them in your
hot car when you are here. We don’t have a dog potty area here at the farm, as every available space is growing something for sale to the public. It’s
awkward and embarrassing to ask someone to put their dog/pet back into the car, but we will take the initiative if needed. Thank you for your

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