The name filbert is the scientifically correct name for the tree and nut.  The name is of French origin and the first Oregon filbert tree was planted in 1857 at Scottsburg.  Hazelnut is the name coined by the English, and it was applied to the native species by early settlers.  Hazelnut is more commonly used in marketing channels, and in 1981 the Oregon Filbert Commission decided to conform to the common standard, and began emphasizing “Hazelnut.”

Hazelnuts are said to be a “heart healthy” food.  They contain nearly 75% mono-unsaturated fat.  Studies indicate this high level of mono-unsaturated fat is likely responsible for a reduction in both total blood and LDL cholesterol levels when hazelnuts are consumed as part of a low saturated fat diet.

Uses:  Just add a handful of raw, roasted, chopped or diced hazelnuts to any culinary creation.  The addition of hazelnuts to appetizers, snacks, salads, sides, main dishes, desserts or specialty items is an addition of healthy goodness!

Available  U-Pick only:  Mid September through early October

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