How CSA Works

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Become a LEHNE FARM CSA member to provide your family’s fresh produce needs. Every week during our 20 week CSA season, which is June 19 – Oct 30, you will receive a box of diverse and pre-selected produce, hand harvested at its peak freshness. We offer one size share.

LEHNE FARM CSA Members understand that each growing season has its unique challenges. As with all agricultural produce, there is a potential for crop failures due to weather, pests or other factors beyond our control. When you buy into our CSA membership program, from time to time, you may have to assume some of the farming risks with us. To offset the risks, we grow a wide range of produce, ensuring a variety of food to fill your share all season long. As members of the farm, we all share in the risks and rewards of each growing season. Over the course of the CSA season, you can rest assured that the value of your CSA Harvest Box generously exceeds the amount you paid for it.