The Lehne Farm

Norm Lehne Garden and Orchards, LLCĀ is located in Roseburg’s beautiful Garden Valley. We began in 1974 selling u-pick produce from our large family garden. Eventually we expanded the garden and added our fruit and hazelnut orchards.

We place great value on our second-generation family farm, and have been carefully managing its quality of produce, productivity, and long-term sustainability. As stewards of a natural resource we hope it will one day be managed by another generation.

Your commitment to our LEHNE FARM CSA supports a “regional food system” where food is sold directly to the community rather then traveling many miles to reach the family table. Members contribute to the success of our farm by their up-front investment forming a direct farm-to-consumer relationship. Other benefits of membership are having the unique knowledge of how and where your food is grown. Taste and see why we believe that locally grown, seasonally harvested fruits and vegetables will provide the healthiest food choices for you and your family!

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