Why Join CSA

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Now You Can Enjoy Fresh Local Produce by directly supporting

 Norm Lehne Garden & Orchards, LLC.

  • Community Supported Agriculture allows direct access to seasonal farm-fresh produce
  • Members receive a share of our freshest produce each week throughout our CSA season
  • Joining our LEHNE FARM CSA is ideal for anyone interested in or committed to eating seasonally and supporting local farmers
  • Enjoy the health benefits of high quality, locally grown, hand-harvested food
  • You will know where and how your food is grown, who grows it, and feel a partnership in the miracle of growing food
  • CSAs foster responsible relationships between the grower, the consumer, the food, and the land on which the food is grown
  • The community gets an economic boost when food dollars remain within the local economy, rather than going out of state or out of country
  • We will be responsible for all the work that goes into a harvest: planting, growing and harvesting the crops
  • Our farming practices promote a healthy and ecologically diverse environment. You can be assured that we use sustainable agricultural farming practices
  • We do not grow any GMO (Genetically Modified) crops
  • Our farm is built on the dedication and belief that regional agriculture is a critical component of a healthy sustainable community
  • We are growing a strong community in addition to growing healthy food
  • Joining the LEHNE FARM CSA is ideal if you are interested in or committed to eating seasonally, supporting local farmers, trying new and diverse produce, and getting your recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables
  • LEHNE FARM CSA members receive a 10% discount at our booth at the Umpqua Valley Farmers market during the CSA season.


Lehne Farm Welcomes you…

Norm Lehne Garden and Orchards, LLC is located in Roseburg’s beautiful Garden Valley. We began in 1974 selling u-pick produce from our large family garden. Eventually we expanded the garden and added our fruit and hazelnut orchards.

We place great value on our second-generation family farm, and have been carefully managing its quality of produce, productivity, and long-term sustainability. As stewards of a natural resource we hope it will one day be managed by another generation.

In 2014, the 3rd generation of the Lehne Family joined us on the Farm.  Our son, Glen, and his wife, Wendy, are familiar faces here at the Farm.  We are pleased that they have joined us.  They also brought the 4th generation of the Lehne family with them.  Their two daughters, Ashlynn and Kylie, are farmers in training!

Your commitment to our LEHNE FARM CSA supports a “regional food system” where food is sold directly to the community rather then traveling many miles to reach the family table. Members contribute to the success of our farm by their up-front investment forming a direct farm-to-consumer relationship. Other benefits of membership are having the unique knowledge of how and where your food is grown. Taste and see why we believe that locally grown, seasonally harvested fruits and vegetables will provide the healthiest food choices for you and your family!