Reasons to Pick Locally Grown Produce

Many consumers want top-quality farm-fresh produce which can be purchased directly from the farm.  Because they are able to pick it themselves, they are treated to great tasting, vine-ripe fruits and vegetables. Many other consumers want to support family farms, and still others are concerned about the country’s food system, and its vulnerability to disease and terrorism.  Some consumers also desire a renewed connection to the farm and to the food they eat.  Healthy food choices and an improved diet are very important to them. With food security playing a role in the interest in locally produced food, many consumers are reassured when they know who produced their food, when and where.

Norm Lehne Garden & Orchards, LLC is that kind of place. Many customers report that picking produce at our farm is a wonderful stress-reducing activity in our modern fast paced society.  A family-friendly experience, children can benefit from a hands-on outing to learn about fresh produce.  Picking fruits and vegetables at our farm is a great value to you and your family, and it is truly worth the effort. You will be able to eat, can, freeze or dehydrate produce you have harvested at the peak of seasonal taste and freshness

It is estimated that most food grown in this country travels more than 1,500 miles before landing on the American dinner table. This means the typical fruits and vegetables are green-harvested before being shipped over great distances, increasing cost and using additional natural resources. When imported food is factored in there is no telling how many miles our food travels.  This produce will eventually ripen, but it falls short of many of the nutritional benefits, great taste and freshness, of locally grown, farm-fresh, vine-ripe produce. In addition, many countries do not have the same production standards, not to mention sanitation practices, which has led to questions of safety and quality. These are even more reasons to buy locally grown produce

We strive to keep our prices fair and reasonable. Whether low-income or not, everyone can enjoy the benefits of picking our fruits and vegetables at our farm.  We take pride in the important role our top quality, farm-fresh, vine-ripe produce plays in providing healthy food choices.

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