What Our Members Say

CSA Newsletter:

“The recipes and tips are great, along with the fun insight of the newsletter.”

“Love the recipes, especially for veggies I may not be familiar with.”

“Love them, adds such a personal farm touch.  The plant info-nutrition, etc., is great and the recipes have been wonderful also.”

“I loved the recipes because they gave a great guideline for cooking and storing veggies I’ve usually bought in grocery store (already prepared).  Great job!!”

CSA Harvest Box Produce, Quality & Condition:

“Always fresh, beautiful–WOW–”

“The quality and condition exceeded our expectations!  Produce was much cleaner than grocery veggies and the quality was wonderful.”

“Everything was fresh and had been handled carefully.”

“I liked the fact that the produce would last the whole week without going bad…”

“The produce was always fresh–loved that you all washed them first…less work for me!!”

“(The quality of the produce) more than met my expectations—it lasted well and did not spoil very fast.”

Bonus Fruit Add-On Option:

“You have amazing fruit!  Yum!”

“We actually ate more fruit with this add-on.”

“The variety was great.  My dad really liked having fruit with the vegetables.  Great choices.”

“It was a great addition to the fruit we already got in our box.”

“Yum for the fruit!”

Additional Comments:

“We enjoy the fresh produce–all of it– and share what we don’t use each week with a family that isn’t as fortunate as we are to be able to have farm fresh produce like this.”

“Thanks for having extra veggies on the table–I have shared almost 1/2 my box each week with families in need.  It was always appreciated!  Thank you!”

“Wish the lettuce could continue all 12 weeks–ate more salads and thoroughly enjoyed it!  Loved the variety–got to try some veggies that I have never tried before–the beets were great–haven’t had fresh beets in years.”

“We especially enjoyed the cauliflower, corn, beets, tomatoes, cucumbers.  All was good.”

“The cantaloupe was DELICIOUS for breakfast today—looking forward to next year already.”

“I recommend the LEHNE FARM CSA  for its good quality & it’s good for your health.”

“We love it!  Sneak Peek and free table have been great enhancements.”

“In a town not so acquainted with customer service, I was very pleased with your outstanding customer service and it was enjoyable coming out to the farm each week.  Thank you. 🙂 ”

“It is very evident how committed your family is.  The basket portions were abundant.”

“I look forward to the wonderful Lehne Farm’s experience every year.”

Previous Years’ Comments:

“Thank You!  My daughter also enjoyed this experience of coming to the farm.”

“It’s a good lesson for kids to see where/how food gets to the table and encourages healthy eating.”

“Thank you for great vegetables all summer long.”

“I enjoyed this so much…it was like getting a present each week.  I may not grow a garden next year and just enjoy yours.”

“Flowers and herbs are a great plus to our box!  To visit the farm for pick up means we most always pick up more fresh…good things.”

“You folks are the nicest people!  I love that you treat your land as the treasure it is.  I am blessed to buy and eat such healthful food.  Since my thumbs are brown and I live on black mud I am so happy to use your talents and gifts and pay for your service.”

“This is an excellent way to get fresh veggies.  We are lifetime members now.”

“Thank you for doing the ‘Helping Hand community project.  We were able to help 3-4 families.  Wonderful idea.  Can’t wait until next year.”

“Thanks so much for pairing us with (another LEHNE FARM CSA member who lives nearby me).  It not only simplified pick up, but we made some wonderful new friends.  Thanks, too for the free U-Pick flowers, they were a delight.”

“We already had identified your produce as our favorite.  The CSA was icing on the cake.”